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Journal Quilts

The Journal Quilt Project is an annual project where members are invited to commit to making one small journal quilt each month for a year.The format for the 2016 Journal Quilt Project is  8” x 10”, portrait.

This follows an A4 format in 2007, a 12" square format in 2008, rectangular 6" x 12" and 7" x 10" format in 2009 and 2010, a 10” square in 2011,an A4 format in 2012, a 12" x 8" format in horizontal orientation in 2013, 8" X 8" format featuring at least one line in 2014 and 6” x 12” in 2015. Members who sign up produce one little quilt each month for a whole year. 

There is no set theme for 2016, although entrants can choose their own if they wish. There is however an extra requirement that each month an area of not less than 1/2" square of a set colour must appear (in one piece) in each quilt. The colour of the piece in January to April quilts should be purple, May to August: green, September to December: orange.

Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes our best intentions have to be put aside, but each year growing numbers have completed the challenge.  The sense of satisfaction and achievement in making these 12 little quilts are what so many members feel.  The discipline and the deadlines are a great incentive to getting them finished.  Many members have used the opportunity to try out ideas and techniques which have later been used in major pieces.

These wonderful little quilts have been seen at several venues around the country and continue to travel to other shows and exhibitions.  The variety of styles and the skills and talent of our members have delighted viewers of all ages.

The rules are few but the rewards are many. The closing date for joining is 15 February 2016.