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Contemporary Quilters Enter Hungarian Quilt Challenge

Chris Dixon, Blowing In The Wind

10 quilts made by members of Contemporary Quilt are travelling to Prague for the Kazakhstan Challenge at the Prague Patchwork Meeting 2015. Nava Young and Mandy Hague write:

After the Prague Show in April 2014, we were asked if some of our members would like to take part in making quilts for the 2015 Prague Show using small samples of fabrics from Kazakhstan. Mandy Hague, our Contemporary Quilt Coordinator, asked members if they would like to take up this challenge and the first 10 people were given the opportunity to enter. Two members from the Channel Islands and the rest from Mainland Britain took part.

The only stipulation was that the quilt had to be 50cm square on a solid coloured background. The quilters were given a choice of black, dark red or dark green. A great variety of quilts were made. These will first be shown at the Prague Patchwork Meeting from 10th to 12th April 2015. Bernina will then show them in Germany, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, and Russia before they are returned to the owners. What an excellent opportunity for our quilts!

The following people agreed to take part. Their quilts and websites are noted:

  • Margaret Pratt; “Winter Walkabout”
  • Sally Hutson; “SauKele”
  • Nava Young ; “Gold Rush”
  • Judy Fairless; “In Bloom”
  • Chris Dixon; “Blowing in the Wind”
  • Sandy Snowden; “Collared Dragon”
  • Jackie Norris; “Falls Fading Blooms”
  • Roberta le Poidevin; “Winter Garden”
  • Mai-Britt Axelsen; “Many Moons”
  • Mandy Hague; “Homage to Embroidery”