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About Contemporary Quilt

Hello and welcome to Contemporary Quilt!

We are a diverse group of over 700 quilters and fabric artists at the cutting edge of quilt making.  We like to work in textiles to create innovative and dynamic art.  Many of our members have exhibited work nationally. However we also want to encourage newer quilters to extend and develop their work.
We set group challenges which are open to all members, work is selected for exhibition and our varied work styles can be taken to a wider audience. Since January 2007 we have had the opportunity of an annual challenge to make journal quilts to develop new styles of working, record memories and express our feelings.
If you are interested in developing your own creative abilities or are interested in contemporary quilts and would like to join us, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Catriona McKay, Co-ordinator:

The aims of Contemporary Quilt are allied to those of The Quilters’ Guild, in that we aim to promote the appreciation, knowledge and skills of patchwork and quilting to our members and the general public. In addition, Contemporary Quilt endeavours to:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information relating to the practice of contemporary quiltmaking.
  • Take traditional techniques and push them to their limits by using new fabrics and technology and encouraging original design.
  • Encourage members to be makers and exhibitors of their own work and to attend and appreciate exhibitions of contemporary work.

About Contemporary Quilt

The group was set up by Annette Morgan, who handed the job over to Effie Galletly in August 2002 for the following two years. Effie, along with Judy Stephens as our first Newsletter Editor, and Margaret Ramsay, helped shape the beginning of what is now such a successful part of the Guild. As well as our informative and challenging quarterly newsletter we have a facebook group where we can exchange news and views.

More information about Contemporary Quilt can be found on our website: