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Journal Quilts

Journal Quilt Challenge 2018
Welcome to the eleventh year of this project.  Each year Members are invited to 
commit to creating one small quilt each month for a year.  It is an opportunity to 
try out new ideas, techniques, products and materials and provides the opportunity to experiment and have some fun without committing to a huge project. 
The number of participants was close to 170 in 2017 and I would like to invite you to join in this challenge in 2018. There is also the possibility of electing to exhibit the results if you should so choose.
This year the size is 7” x 9” in landscape format. There are four rules:
1. You must complete one JQ for each of the 12 months starting in January. 
2. You must keep to the size. Your JQ must be a quilt. This means a minimum of two complete layers, quilted, and the edges must be finished neatly and in keeping with your style of quilt. Any technique is permissible.
3. You are requested write a statement with each JQ stating your source of inspiration and the materials and techniques that have been used.
4. Your files (submitted on the Facebook group or posted to the organiser) must be named in this format: “your forename_surname_ month.jpg” (for photos)

The guidelines are as follows:
1. You are permitted to set your own theme/subject matter for each quilt during the year.
2. You do not need to submit the actual quilts. Your only commitment is to provide images and statements for each quilt. 
3. The notes or comments need to indicate how each journal quilt relates to your selected theme. 

You do not need to submit the images and text every month. You may submit them in a group of four at the end of each period (30 April, 31 August, and 31 December).
You may submit by email to me, by post to me, or by uploading your images into the correct album on the Facebook group.

Exhibiting your JQs
This is entirely voluntary. When an exhibition opportunity arises an invitation will be issued. The organiser of the exhibition will request quilts and then contact the members who have offered them to confirm acceptance and provide details of how to prepare and sent them.
Are you willing to make the commitment? Then email or write to me in order to add your name to the list. The deadline for joining this year’s challenge is 
31st January 2018. 
Janine Pound, Annsway, Upper Court Road, Woldingham, Surrey CR3 7BF

Please post Journal Quilts in the relevant album in the CQ closed group on Facebook or email them to Janine Pound"