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Suitcase Collections

For information on how to hire the My Favourite Artist collection please see below.

Some of the previous collection All in a Day's Work quilts:


The deadline for the new Suitcase Collection is fast approaching and this is a gentle reminder to everyone making a much-appreciated contribution. The quilts need to be on the road heading to Deena Goff by 15 October 2019 courtesy of whichever postal or transport system you prefer.

Do you ever feel like being a little less polite and shouting from the rooftop, ‘Get your skates on Mrs or you will miss the boat?’

It would be nice to have a really strong collection as this is the ‘shop-window display’ for Contemporary Quilt. Many groups and individuals gain so much inspiration from these small but beautiful quilts.

Like many given themes, it is not always obvious how

to get started and interpret the words. To some it comes within minutes but to others it can be an agonising time making a decision on where to begin. Just looking at the picture in the June newsletter, displaying a suitcase on a pelican crossing, or is that a zebra crossing, on a road with traffic in

the distance*? Perhaps there is a green and a red man on the traffic lights – or even a green man on the moon? That brings to mind rockets on the way to outer space, passing not cars and pedestrians but planets. It could be ET on a bicycle too! I am sure you have many much better suggestions depicting On the Road!

This picture is from one of the regional CQ groups who did a ‘brain dump’ to start their creative juices running. The brilliance of this method is that if you do not have a group, you can ask anyone to help – a friend or your family – not that they would need to make a quilt, of course.

It is easy to be flippant but please do support our lovely Suitcase Collection.

The topic of insurance for these quilts is aired on a regular basis and we need to be realistic. CQ does not insure the individual quilts, but the suitcase is insured while in transit and should also be covered by the hirer while in their possession. If you as a maker feel it is important that your quilt is insured, you must do so under your personal cover. The quilts will, for insurance purposes, be classified as art and value is therefore difficult to establish and easily disputed should a claim need to be made. Deena will do her utmost to look after your exhibits, but please bear in mind that the exhibits will be handled by many hirers over their three years of travel.

Send your finished quilt to: Deena Goff, Woodlands, Rowly Drive, Cranleigh GU6 8PJ

Deena Goff and Pauline Barnes are the On the Road suitcase keepers. Should you have any queries please contact Deena (email or Pauline ( or see the article in the June newsletter...

My Favourite Artist

Suitcase Collection My Favourite Artist

The collection is made up of a set of quilts and brief details of the inspiration behind them.  The quilts are lovely, and the stories make them even more special, along with details of techniques used.  This collection would make for a very interesting meeting, either just to look at and admire, or to use as a starting point for a project.  Even if you are not in a group, it would be worthwhile to share with friends. Teachers would find much to share with, and inspire, their students.

The cost of hiring the suitcase is £85.00 inclusive of carriage, wherever it travels in the UK.  It arrives by courier on a pre-arranged date and is collected in the same way a few days later.

If you feel you would like to book the collection please contact either  or

All in a Day's Work

Suitcase Collection All in a Day’s Work

The collection was made up of forty-three quilts. The collection travelled widely between 2014 and 2016. You can see a selection of the quilts on the Contemporary Quilt website.

Childhood Memories (retired, no longer available)

The Suitcase Challenge by CQ on the theme of "Childhood Memories". A total of 47 quilts started travelling in January 2011. See all the quilts on the CQ website,

Figure it Out

The previous collection, on the theme of "Figure it Out", went to many venues around the UK. See all the quilts on the CQ website,